Hackers attack again: Internet suffered Massive Attack

Many Internet sites around the world were blocked this month following a massive attack by ‘ hackers ‘ against the telecommunications team of the company Cisco, one of the largest multinational companies in the world that manufactures and sells equipment Telecom to many companies, reports the research group Talus Intelligence of this American company.

The vulnerability of CISCO devices, where the Smart install Client system was installed, allowed hackers to create a program that removes data and installs files. The computer security company Solar Security requires that ‘ bots ‘ “scan” all Internet addresses to detect the presence of such vulnerability, allowing them to run commands on the system of CISCO devices remotely.

Talus Intelligence warns that the attacks could be associated “with some states” and refers to the alert of the National Center for the integration of cyber security and U.S. communications on “Some cyber actors” linked to “Russian authorities. ”

Meanwhile, the well-known Kaspersky Lab computer security company maintains on its website that the attacks were mostly targeted at Russian sites, although other countries ‘ sites also suffered failures. The company maintains that through the Cisco Smart Install Client The Bots “Change the configuration Files”, in which they leave the message: “Do not mess with our elections”.

Kaspersky Lab believes that the ‘ bots ‘ used to carry out these attacks look for vulnerable devices and, in turn, block access to data centers, which generates failures in many websites