Heist game ‘Payday 2’ broadens focus to mobile, VR


Intense team heist challenge Payday 2 wraps up its four-year swim into a sea of post-release content with an Ultimate Edition on June 8, while new editions targeting mobile and virtual reality move closer.

Have you ever watched a heist movie and thought it would make for a good videogame?

Staff at Overkill Software evidently did, with the lucrative Payday franchise wearing its influences on its sleeve.

References to Heat, Point Break, Reservoir Dogs and numerous other heist films were poured into the mix, producing a high-stakes mix in which up to four players would pull off a sequence of daring robberies.

A long-haul gradual accumulation of money, equipment, and abilities encouraged players to remain engaged, as Overkill in turn supported Payday 2 with close to 40 additional packs containing weapons, missions, and characters over the four years since its release.

Extra content extended as far as official film tie-ins for John Wick, Scarface and the Point Break remake, and fellow videogames Hotline Miami, Speedrunners and Goat Simulator.

Paid DLC adds up to 55 extra heists, 18 more characters, and 210 additional weapons, and collecting all those extra bits and pieces into one package will be the US$45 (RM195) Payday 2 Ultimate Edition on Windows PCs.

The Ultimate Edition’s June 8 arrival will coincide with the removal of individual content packs, so there’s an 85% sale on those add-ons until then, allowing existing players to complete their collections at a lowered expense.

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which have received two collected editions since 2013, Overkill says that “more content is currently in development,” while it is also being prepared for a first release on Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere, Payday Crime War is getting ready to take the franchise’s first steps onto mobile, Overkill teasing it through a recent trailer.

In this instance, four players carry out a heist, and four more attempt to stop them. It’s “out soon” and heading to Android and iOS.

On the VR front, an in-development, virtual reality mode for the core game is to arrive on PC this year.

Overkill parent Starbreeze also owns StarVR, an ambitious, widescreen virtual reality studio, but it’s the more familiar HTC Vive that was used to help show off Payday 2 VR in its teaser trailer.

The VR mode will be cross-compatible with laptop and desktop players, while motion tracking means that players will be able to dual-wield weapons in different directions.