Helie presents Smart vest for cyclists B´Safe 

The French company Helie dedicated to the development of jackets and vests with airbag for motorized, being thus, the Pioneer brand in this sector.Helie was quoted this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a new product, is a vest designed to protect cyclists from injuries at the time of accidents, his name is B’safe.

As the brand explained, cyclists are one of the most unprotected groups on the road. Although the helmet protects them from skull injuries, a fall may result in serious injury to other parts of the body such as the thorax, abdomen, or limbs.

B’safe is a vest, designed with an airbag inside, that inflates as soon as it detects a fall. For this to be possible, this product has two sensors: one equipped in the bicycle seat and the other in the vest. While the first is in charge of analyzing the surface, the second examines both the position and the speed of the driver.

The B’safe is designed to detect a fall from the moment it starts to fall, at that moment the sensors send a signal to the vest to inflate. As their developers have announced, these add-ons are able to detect the drop just 60 milliseconds after it occurs. As a result, the rider can avoid a major blow and a possible injury.

Regarding the time the airbag needs to inflate, the creators of B’Safe ensure that it is able to do so in just 80 milliseconds. Therefore, the vest needs 140 milliseconds to perform its function and protect the rider in case of accident.