Hewlett Packard Enterprise presenta nuevas soluciones informáticas para acelerar la innovación y la eficiencia empresarial 

The new HPE Edgeline converged Edge System platform, as well as the new associated services, simplify and improve the management of These types of environments, allowing you to quickly convert data into actions from the end to the cloud.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced the new HPE Edgeline converged Edge System solutions that dramatically accelerate implementation and simplify application management at the end, allowing users to act on large amounts of Data generated by machines and sensors from the end to the cloud. Based on an open platform, companies can seamlessly integrate a broad ecosystem of applications and devices from their technological operations (OT), allowing to boost efficiency and innovation in manufacturing, energy or Telecommunications. These new solutions include:

  • HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform,  an open platform that automates the interaction between various technology operatives (OT) and IT standards-based applications to enable better decision-making in an intelligent and autonomous way.
  • HPE Edgeline systems management, the industry’s first Systems management solutions, specifically designed for the end, guaranteeing security, connectivity and reliability in business environments.
  • HPE Edgeline EL300 Converged Edge System, It is a new connectivity-oriented platform with the OT world, which includes the management of HPE Edgeline Systems, which provide superior resistance in demanding environments for a wide range of industrial implementations.
  • HPE Edgeline Field Application Engineering Services, a HPE Pointnext service that allows customers to plan, build and customize their IoT environments.

According to Gartner, “as a result of the digital transformation, in 2022, 75% of the data generated by the companies will be created and processed outside the data center or traditional clouds, compared to less than 10% in 2018”.

To convert the data generated to the end into information, make decisions, and perform actions in real time, they must be processed near your source to avoid the latency, bandwidth, and cost problems associated with sending them to A Remote data center. In any case, this opportunity comes with a number of unique challenges, including remote infrastructure management and the need for sensors and industrial assets with it applications at the end. New solutions and Services HPE Edgeline converged Edge Systems – an industry-pioneering category of infrastructure that converges with OT and business it in a single system – dramatically simplify and accelerate this task.

“The deployment of IoT systems at the end is a challenge that requires a new vision to unite the two worlds, the physical and the digital,” said Tom Bradicich, vice president and general manager of converged servers, Edge and Sistemas IoT de HPE. “With these new solutions, we get our customers to accelerate the deployment of applications and optimize the use of the data generated at the end, all of it with an enterprise-class management. And we prepare the ground for a new ecosystem of intelligent solutions with the aim of promoting innovation and the growth of industries. ”

 Simplifying the deployment of IoT

Environments today, creating a IoT system is a laborious task and requires custom coding to orchestrate OT networks, control systems and an integration with the IT environment.

HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform is an open platform that drastically simplifies this process, reducing costs and deployment time. The solution includes:

  • HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform, A software that includes an open flow engine along with an application catalog that allows customers to orchestrate components, data, and applications in a simple way through a graphical user interface. HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform integrates an ecosystem of third-party applications that allows processing the data from the end to the cloud and including, AWS, Google, Microsoft, SAP, PTC, GE. Thus, it is possible to make information available much faster across the enterprise and in the supply chain.
  • HPE Edgeline OT Link certified modules, adapters developed by HPE for the connection of a wide range of OT systems that allow for bidirectional and real-time control and communication, using a variety of digital inputs and outputs of high Speed: CAN, Modbus or Profinet bus. Therefore, the APIs and SDKs of these adapters are already available to the industry with the aim of facilitating the design of third-party OT connection modules. These will also integrate FGPA modules to provide customers with maximum flexibility to connect any industrial input or output device.

“We are excited about the potential of HPE Edgeline ot Link platform to provide a powerful platform prepared for advanced OT applications such as Keysight’s PathWave Analytics,” said Christopher Cain, vice president and CEO of Keysight Technologies ‘ Electronic Industrial products. “Providing secure IoT devices and effective wireless communications, certified in the latest standards and IoT applications of 5G Keysight, is critical to ensuring optimum performance of solutions to our customers. When integrated with HPE’s Edgeline systems, a powerful combination of high-volume data processing and local control is offered in real time while maintaining the highest quality of service. ”

Enterprise-level security and management capacity at the end 

HPE has also presented one of the industry’s first IoT solutions designed specifically to simplify the procurement and operation of infrastructure and applications, providing enterprise-level management and security capability for remote systems with limited it connectivity and expertise. HPE Edgeline. Integrated System Manager it is integrated into HPE Edgeline converged Edge Systems, offering in one click Provisioning, continuous System state management, remote updates and management even with low bandwidth and intermittent connections. It also supports advanced security features such as preventing changes to system boot files and remotely disabling them during a security incident

HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager software can manage thousands of Edgeline converged Edge systems. The HPE Edgeline Workload Orchestrator has a central repository for container-based analysis, business, AI, and IoT applications that can be deployed to remotely located HPE Edgeline converged Edge Systems.

Unprecedented convergence of the OT and IT 

HPE Edgeline EL300 converged Edge system is a new state-of-the-art IoT system that includes typical OT-world connections and HPE Edgeline Systems management. It provides superior flexibility to allow a wide variety of use cases through multiple cable and wireless industrial connectivity options. HPE Edgeline EL300 is a low-power, fan-free system equipped with Intel Core i5 processors, up to 32 GB of memory and 3 TB of storage.

In addition, it supports the Intel Movidius Myriad X processing units to enable video analysis and AI inference at the end. HPE Edgeline EL300 also provides greater resistance to shock, vibration, moisture and dust, with IP50 and MIL-SPEC certifications. In addition, it can work in a wide range of temperatures from-30 º C to 70 º C. These features make HPE Edgeline EL300 suitable for use as an embedded system, for example, in production machines or in building infrastructures.

“Our smart grid generates at the end of terabytes of data per hour, which must be processed locally intelligently, and is connected to central analysis and cloud platforms,” said Dr. Steve Pratt, chief technology officer, CenterPoint Energy. “CenterPoint Energy is excited about the idea of continuing our partnership with HPE, where we continue investigating new applications for its platform Edgeline EL300 and Edgeline OT Link platform to help us accelerate the implementation and improve the operational efficiency of our solutions from the end to the cloud, while we get Our goal is to deliver energy more safely and efficiently to our customers. ”

Experience and knowledge to accelerate implementation and create competitive advantages

To support these new solutions, the service organization of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE Pointnext, has created HPE Edgeline Field Application Services. This service is designed to help customers plan, design, build and implement IoT systems, at the end, and accelerate their deployment and ensure reliable and safe operation. These services include evaluating use cases, deploying solutions, and managing operations, helping customers get the most out of IT/OT integrations.

In addition, HPE Pointnext can help customers develop their own components for data acquisition, connection to industrial networks and control from HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform, thus creating customized solutions and achieve greater advantages Competitive. Solutions based on the HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform are usually performed on the client’s premises as a turnkey implementation service, carried out by HPE Pointnext.

Finally, HPE Edgeline EL300 converged Edge System will be part of the HPE GreenLake Flex capacity service to provide a pay-per-use solution that constantly measures the capacity used and has a custom support for those customers who Need a cloud-like experience.

Price and Availability

  • HPE Edgeline EL300 converged Edge System is now available worldwide with prices from 2.532 dollars.
    • HPE Edgeline Integrated System Manager is also available worldwide and with HPE Edgeline EL300 converged Edge Systems a zero cost software license is included.
  • HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager is available worldwide with prices departing from 499 dollars.
    • HPE Edgeline OT Link certified modules are now available worldwide with prices starting at 189 dollars.
    • HPE Edgeline Field Application Services are now available worldwide.
  • HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform y HPE Edgeline OTLink carga de trabajo Orchestrator estarán disponibles a lo largo del primer trimestre de 2019.