Hitachi releases Pentaho 8.0 with real-time data processing


Hitachi Vantara, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, unveiled the next generation of its Pentaho data integration and analysis platform. Pentaho 8.0 has improved and provides support for Spark and Kafka to optimize data processing and flow, as well as the ability to easily combine computing resources with commercial demand in real time. The new version is designed to help Hitachi customers extract more value from their data to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate their journey to digital transformation.

With the launch of Pentaho 8.0, Hitachi Vantara helps customers better prepare their businesses to address the bunch of data in real time, optimizing and modernizing their data analysis channels and improving the productivity of their existing equipment. The new capabilities of the Pentaho 8.0 include:

  1. Flow processing with Spark: Pentaho 8.0 that now completely allows the absorption and processing of flow data using its native engine or Spark. This comes in addition to the existing integration of Spark with SQL, MLlib and Pentaho’s adaptive execution layer.
  2. Connect to Kafka Streams: Kafka is a popular publication / subscription messaging system that handles large volumes of data that are common in today’s Big Data and IoT environments. Pentaho 8.0 now allows real-time processing with specialized steps that connect the Pentaho data integration (PDI) with Kafka.
  3. Big Data Security with Knox: Building on its existing enterprise level security for Cloudera and Hortonworks, Pentaho 8.0 now adds support for the Knox Gateway used to authenticate users to Hadoop services.
  4. Optimize processing resources: Every organization has a restricted data processing resources that they wants to use wisely. Guaranteeing high availability, even when the demand for computing resources is high.