How to keep the WI-FI network secure during digital transformation?

With digital transformation, companies tend to find a way to offer new services to their internal and external customers. The wireless network is a popular medium in terms of corporate connectivity, used by people to access such services through different types of devices.

In the past, few people cared about securing the security of their Wi-Fi network and were usually uneducated about how to set up the network or what kind of solid password to use, for example. This case is very similar in the Business field. A network where there is no way to monitor a clandestine access point inserted by a user, can be the weak link in the chain to a malicious access to the network.

In this regard, Leandro Werder, director of sales engineering and secure access technologies for Fortinet Latin America and the Caribbean, commented that for people looking to steal any type of information from the company with attacks directed from the most Simple to the most crucial, that is a great attraction because it does not require much effort to invade the network and subtract data or even inject malware.

The growing use of Wi-Fi in the corporate world and the concern to become the possible weak link for these attacks has led the manufacturers of the cybersecurity market to work under the concept of “secure access”. In addition to educating users, the idea is to bring tools for the Wi-Fi world to be as secure as the wired world, said Werder.

Let’s think about a second what business needs are with the wireless network today and how we are dependent on it. Imagine that you are the IT manager of a chain of hotels, how do you value a solid and secure Wi-Fi network? If your customers, who have probably already adopted the digital revolution, receive lousy Wi-Fi access or have security issues in their hotel, what will be the impact on their operation?, said Werder.