Huawei introduced technologies and solutions 5G in the MWC 2018

In the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018, Huawei introduced technologies and solutions for 5G, network All-Cloud, video and IoT. In particular, will focus on the three key problems: Best connections, better trade growth and a better experience. With its customers and partners operators, the company is helping to build an intelligent world and fully connected.

Huawei offers ICT infrastructure and intelligent devices, and will act as a “rich soil” of information technologies, automation and intelligence. Within this “soil”, partners can grow their content, applications and even clouds. Together, they can bring the digital to each person, home and organization for a fully connected and intelligent world.

Huawei also took advantage of the MWC 2018 scenario, to launch more than 20 new products, showcase the results of their work with more than 300 partners, perform five forums and share their experience and ideas with the industry. The goal is to embark jointly on the roads towards a fully connected and intelligent world.

The rotary Director-general of Huawei, Ken Hu, said: “Huawei’s presentation at the MWC this year has three notable features. First, the real experience. We are exploring the industry ourselves, and we have more than 300 operators and partners, showcasing our technologies and services in action, including 5G, video e IoT. Second, a focus on business success. We have launched a series of solutions for individuals, households and businesses that include solutions of sites for all scenarios, broadband high-quality for the home, and the synergy of the network and the cloud. Thirdly, industry-leading products and solutions, including 5G, the network driven by the purpose, the digital platform or & M of Austin and the flash memory solutions Dorado18000”.