Huawei P10, a striking model in the high range


Huawei looks for the final thrust in the high range with the P10. Will it be enough to bring down the Korean and American hegemony of Apple and Samsung?

With the saturation and maturity of a market, growing becomes more complex. But Huawei is one of the few companies that can boast of having succeeded. The brand has recorded several quarters of sustained growth, reaching the first place by the end of 2016 in terms of market share. They also did it in one of the markets with greater penetration and saturation: Spain.

With the presentation of the P10 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Huawei completed several of the last points on its list. They accelerated the timing to match the big companies of the European sector, very important to attract the initial sales; they attracted more focus than ever when presenting their phone at the world’s largest telephone fair; and, thanks to fate, they could do so in the absence of Samsung, one of their biggest rivals.