HyperX and allied esports announce HyperX esports Arena las Vegas 

HyperX ® and Allied Esports announced an exclusive association of naming rights and a multi-year agreement under which Allied esports’s worldwide flagship property.

Headquarters is located in Luxor Hotel & Casino, was recently named HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas, the first venue dedicated to esports in Las Vegas Strip.

Simon Temperley, Director of revenue and Marketing for Allied esports, says that “HyperX and allied esports share a strategy focused on ‘ We’re All gamers ‘, and with this unique partnership we can accelerate opportunities to engage fans and create content Influential. This dynamic relationship is a direct result of the enthusiasm of Allied customers to use the best video game equipment on the market and HyperX’s belief in our vision for content creation. ”

The association comprises shared brand experiences and events, including unique opportunities with personalities, athletes and influencers of HyperX esports; Content of both brands, brochures within the enclosure, online content and social platforms; Marketing, promotion and events; In addition to the prominent presence of the brand in establishments in Las Vegas. The brand HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas will be integrated into all social media platforms from now onwards.

Daniel Kelley, Director of Marketing at HyperX, adds that “the commitment and dedication of HyperX with everything related to eSports has promoted the mark to make it one of the favorites of the gamers professionals and casual, And in this way, get the naming rights for HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas which is a great opportunity to grow our audience. Allied esports is an important partner for us and we hope to continue announcing more successes next to them.

The new contract expands the already strong partnership between Allied esports and HyperX. Earlier this year, HyperX became the official partner of Peripherals and the Forum of the Las Vegas campus, equipping gamers with headphones, keyboards, mouse and mouse pads HyperX for tournaments, special events and daily practices.

HyperX was also an official partner of Allied esports’s mobile esports in North America, a van that last summer made stops at various events, including the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 in Los Angeles, VidCon 2018 in Anaheim and Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego.The new HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas opened its doors in March 2018 and has quickly become a global destination for fans, gamers, streaming and esports teams. The venue has been the scene of some of the events and entertainment productions in the most popular esports of the year in a variety of genres and titles, Including Ninja Vegas ‘ 18, involving the sensation of streaming Tyler “ninja” Blevins, and recently announced two major events that will take place in December: League of Legends All-Star 2018 (6 to 8 December) and Capcom Cup 2018 (14 to 16 December).

The Forum’s night tournaments, including Friday Frags and Saturday night Speedway, have become the epicenter of the growing and competitive scene of Las Vegas video games. Recently, HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas was named enclosure of the year at the Tempest 2018 awards, which are part of the Esports Business Summit.

As part of the partnership, HyperX is sponsoring events at HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas. From 9 to 12 January in the framework of CES 2019, HyperX is planning a variety of social and marketing activities that will include the newly announced HyperX esports Arena Las Vegas. More information on CES activations and other HyperX-sponsored events at the planning stage will be available when the event dates are approaching.