HyperX celebrated “The day of the Gamers”

This August 29 following the launching of the first report of the consultancy Newzoo on the markets of games at global level was celebrated for the first time the “Day of the Gamers”. After six years of the first assessment, the industry grew steadily and companies have reinvented themselves to adapt to new challenges.

With this context of gamer development, esports (electronic sports) is one of the fastest growing segments in the world, with a level of live audiences surpassing that of the NFL and NBA. This exclusive sport is broadcast online to millions of spectators all over the world, and in many cases, gamers have become professionals because of their commitment.

HyperX ®, Kingston ® ‘s High performance product division, continues to be the leading and official sponsor of teams in this sport. Thanks to its high quality products, HyperX makes great players make a difference in online competitions and other tournaments on a global level. Recently, several stars such as Joel Embiid (center of the Philadelphia 76ers) and De’Aaron Fox (Player of the Sacramento Kings), joined to join the team HyperX.

Many teams practice and play tournaments from their gaming house; A space where the team coexists and trains for local and international competitions. These game centers have staff and coaches to ensure that all members are mentally and physically healthy. Like other sports, it is important for players to be in their best shape at the time of play, for each victory represents a commitment to their audience and pride in representing their country on the digital battlefield.

According to NewZoo, in Latin America there are more than 200 million of gamers and the 2017 threw revenues of more 100 billion dollars, showing an annual growth of 12%.

During 2017, about 385 million people in the world attended an esports event either online, cable TV or on some location, reflecting the growth of the market. In addition, it is expected that for 2019 the revenues of the gaming industry reach 1 billion dollars, reported Newzoo.

HyperX grows in the gamer world, and has in its product portfolio with 8 models of headphones worldwide, including the recent launch HyperX Cloud Alpha.

On the line keyboards, HyperX has the following products: FPS alloy, Alloy Elite and alloy Pro; With the latest launch of the HyperX Alloy elite RGB, with the aim of satisfying the needs and tastes of gamers.

Facundo Calabró, from Isurus Gaming, highlighted the professionalization of the gamer. “Video games are an entertainment for young people today, as well as traditional sports have been in other times,” Highlights this video game lover, who put his shoulder to the team and always projected it as a professional, hence lies the success of Isurus with his Gaming House installed in Chile, where they project their upcoming games based on an analysis of what they have Made, and are convinced that there is no roof to keep improving.

HyperX has been working consistently for over 5 years in the brand positioning of the gamer’s head. From the zero minute, the brand has focused its efforts on the gamer segment more pro, with the idea of having feedback from those who really know the subject and then go incorporating more products to the line. Currently, HyperX has more than 40 products on the gamer line, consisting of headsets, keyboards, Mouse & Mousespads.

It is noteworthy that HyperX managed to sell 4 million units to February 2018, doubling the record reached in 2016 of 2 million units.

The company has a strong commitment to continue growing, which is why globally supports esports through the auspices of more than 30 teams and is the main sponsor of the Intel Extreme masters.

As a leading promoter of traditional and esports communities, HyperX continues to expand partnerships with NBA and esports teams, most recently with the Dallas Mavericks and its NBA2K team: Mavs Gaming. Other NBA influencers and esports teams include the Philadelphia 76ers and its esports team, Team Dignitas; Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics; De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings; The owner of the Echo Fox esports team, Rick Fox; And the owner of Utah Jazz and Detroit Renegades, Jonas Jerebko. In addition, with the firm purpose of supporting the gamer community in Latin America, it sponsors the following teams: Isurus Gaming, Rainbow7, Infinity esports, Dark Horse, CNB esports, Kabum esports, progaming esports and Team One.

HyperX is known worldwide for its quality, performance and innovation. HyperX memory is backed by lifetime warranty, while solid state drives are three years old and USB memory is five years old. All HyperX products are backed by free technical support in Spanish and Kingston’s legendary reliability.