HyperX congratulates Isurus Gaming to represent Latin America in the Mid-Season Invitational 2019 in Vietnam 

Before 8 thousand people on the Movistar Arena in Colombia, more than 80 thousand spectators in line and after 3 months of victories in the Latin American League, Isurus Gaming won the League of Legends Regional Championship for a 3-to-1 marker against Rainbow7, getting the “Play-In” group phase of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2019 to be held in Vietnam between May 01 and 04, 2019.

This victory meant the positioning of Isurus Gaming and HyperX at the highest level of League of Legends in Latin America and the opportunity to measure against teams such as 1907 Fenerbahce esports, bombers and Phong Vu Buffalo, coming from Turkey, Australia and Vietnam respectively, during the first phase of the tournament in Ho Chi Minh.

“Representing Latin America has always been our dream and it is a great honor to be able to do so in such an important scenario as the MSI 2019,” commented Facundo Calabró, CEO of Isurus Gaming, who also added that “thanks to our allies, especially HyperX, we have Able to strengthen our team by signing players like Seiya and Oddie and incorporating a life coach, a sports director and a psychologist, who have been instrumental in this victory in the professionalization of Isurus Gaming as one of the strongest teams in the region. ”

For his part, Ariel Plabnik, HyperX Business Manager Cono Sur, commented that “for HyperX is a pride to see how Isurus Gaming continues to strengthen and achieve the goals that have been proposed as a team.” “It is a priority to continue to support these talented and professional young people who will surely give us more reasons to be happy in their upcoming international commitments,” added Plabnik.

To be victorious in this first phase of the MSI 2019, the team would continue to participate in the playoff phase of the tournament, putting the team on the road to a possible final that would take place in mid-May in Taipei.