HyperX presents cloud orbit headphones with Audeze flat speakers and waves Nx 


HyperX 3d audio technology, the high Performance product division of Kingston Technology Company announced the cloud orbit and cloud orbit S video game headphones in Collaboration with AudezeTM and WavesÒ Technology.

These are the first HyperX video game headphones activated by Audeze’s patented 100 mm flat magnetic speakers for accurate sound. Waves NxÒ ‘s 3d audio technology brings a cinematic sound experience to video games.

Cloud Orbit S include Wave NxÒ ‘s head tracking technology to create a stable, hyper-realistic 360 ° sound environment in which users ‘ head movements are recorded 1,000 times per second. HyperX video game headphones with Audeze and wave technology bring sound quality to the next level with audio technology previously available only on audiophiles headphones.

Mark Leathem, CEO of HyperX, said “HyperX is pleased to expand its line of video game headphones through an alliance with Audeze to develop our first headphones wired with flat magnetic technology. Our work with Audeze and Wave NX technology allows us to continue offering new and innovative audio products to be used and enjoyed by the gamers community.

Cloud Orbit headphones are based on Audeze’s avant-garde Mobius platform, which offers 100 mm flat magnetic speaker technology for clear and realistic spatial sound. Audeze’s flat magnetic designs use extremely thin film speakers and powerful custom magnets, allowing you to listen accurately to where your opponent is. Dive completely into the playing field with high-resolution sound clarity and an amplified sound environment.

“There is really no means to benefit more from our products than video games, so we partner with HyperX to bring our award-winning sound to the broader audience of gamers. We want to change the way people live video games and provide them with an advantage in hand-to-hand gaming, “said Sankar Thiagasamudram, founder and CEO of Audeze.

Waves Nx Technology records even smaller head movements and intelligently creates an acoustic environment by which you can advance with utmost precision and perception. Users feel that they are immersed in the sound environments of virtual reality of video games, movies and music. Similar to the way you turn your head slightly to identify where the sounds come from, in video games you make the same small moves to locate the position of your opponents, threats or teammates on the big screens like little ones.

The functions of the Cloud orbit and Orbit S headphones include advanced audio customization and custom 3d sound settings, such as 3d audio calibration with individual user measurements, custom room environment, and EQ profiles Predefined.

It also includes a removable noise-canceling microphone and Antipop filter for chat and voice applications, which can be easily disconnected to listen to music. Three removable cable options are also available for use with PCs, consoles, or mobile devices.