HyperX sells 60 million memory modules


The high-performance product division of Kingston ® announced that since its founding in the 2002 has sold more than 60 million memory modules, the equivalent of billions of bytes of memory.
Chosen by OEMs, computer builders, overclockers and the Gamers community, HyperX has grown stably as the leader in performance and independent manufacturer of memory modules for the largest videogame. With this new achievement and increased sales of hearing aids, keyboards and mice, it is anticipated that HyperX exceeds $550 million dollars in total revenue for branded products in 2018.

Since it was launched 16 years ago, HyperX has significantly expanded its product line and market scope. The HyperX brand is not only recognized for offering high quality memory products, but also as a leader in peripherals, such as headphones, keyboards, mice and mouse mats for gamers around the world. HyperX Engineering Labs and the engineering team are focused on developing technology to bring new high-performance memory products to the PC, mini-PC, and laptop markets. HyperX offers a variety of memory solutions, including Predator DIMM for high performance PCs, FURY DIMM for gamers that arm low-cost PCs, and Impact dimming for notebook and system upgrades.

“HyperX is pleased to be part of a thriving community of enthusiasts and shipowners who offer the highest quality memory products,” said Mark Leathem, general manager of HyperX’s gaming division. “We continue to grow and support the PC and console video game markets, and with our new Cloud Mix headphones for video games and general use, we are looking to expand into larger markets around the world.”

Since 2002, HyperX has promoted and supported various advances in memory technology in favor of enthusiasts, professionals and shipowners, which includes:
• The memory capacity for gaming has increased 62 times – 256m to 16G
• The speed of the memory modules have increased 12 times – 333MHz to 4.133GHz
• The price for 1GB has decreased 38 times – from $37.66 to $0.98 dollars (average sales price)
• Memory architecture has evolved four times – from DDR1 to DDR4.
“OEM’s, gamers and builders of PCs have chosen HyperX as your favorite memory brand for video PC games or laptop computer, “said Kristy Ernt, DRAM business manager at HyperX.”HyperX is pleased to be a part of the gamers community and provide them with high quality memory.”