iGenApps allows uploading market apps from Apple and Google

The Puerto Rican company iGenApps launched new versions of its application, which uses patented technology and non-technical people to create their own mobile applications.

Norman Ortiz, CEO and founder of iGenApps explained that mobile users now have versions for iOS 8 operating system and the update 4.0, called Apper, which is in the Apple app market, Google and Amazon .

“What is new is the UI / UX (user experience, user interface), and we can take the app for those who want the App Store or Google Play for an extra charge of $ 49, if they want them uploaded or $ 99 if we turned it and we went to the market applications of their choice. If you want us to go up the app to both markets would be $ 198, for example, “said Ortiz.

iGenApps created the first mobile application development platform, which allows anyone to create their own mobile app in minutes using his mobile device without the need for programming or code. This means that artists, professionals, restaurateurs, doctors and other service providers can create their own applications at an affordable cost, by combining lists, menus, maps, images, videos, and other items.

“Our product empowers consumers to use the power of mobile technology and let out your inner entrepreneur. This reliable and efficient solution is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to create a custom Web application, “said Ortiz, who lives in Puerto Rico.