Instagram and TikTok innovating with letters of karaoke 

With the synchronization of Lips TikTok has ascended to the center of the adolescent culture, perhaps to the point of displace to Instagram.

The Facebook application has a new feature that lets you show the lyrics of the songs in your video history synchronized with a soundtrack you’ve added with the music label.

The lyrics could help the creators and their fans to sing, and the visual brilliance could make MTV’s amateur content more visible.

On the other hand, Instagram achieved a great support from the adolescent phenomenon of fear of music, Billie Eilish, which appears in the video of demonstration of the lyrics of Story, which is now available in all countries where Instagram Music has been launched, including the United States, Germany and France.

To enjoy the function, first select the type of music lens (in the middle of Boomerang and other options) before shooting or the music label afterwards. After choosing the song, you will find a pop-up letter that can help you identify the segment of the music you want to play.

Later, you can go through a lot of animation styles like the traditional karaoke teleprompter, a typewriter version that preserves the mystery by revealing only the lyrics as they are sung, and the great source of gaudy posters.

“Music can be a big part of the expression in Instagram: between adding music to Stories, connecting with artists, sending recordings of songs back and forth, there are many ways to connect with music in IG,” said an Instagram spokesman.

Now Tiktok launched its own text function to add subtitles overlapping to the videos. Normally, creators had to use Snapcat, Instagram Stories or desktop editing software to add text. The creators will surely find a lot of funny use cases for the text at TikTok, and this could help replace the common troop of writing captions on paper and hold them during the clips.

All these features are intended to prevent social video from becoming obsolete.