Instagram has already begun to hide the likes of posts

As announced, the removal of likes in Instagram posts is a fact. From Thursday the app started to hide the likes. The update was launched in six large countries with the aim of reducing pressure on its users.

“We want Instagram to be a place of personal expression where people feel comfortable. We hope this decision will take pressure off how many likes will be received so that people can focus on sharing the things they want,” said Facebook Australia and New Zealand Director Mia Garlick.

It is worth noting that the countries where they are testing the new feature areAustralia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Brazil and New Zealand and in Canada that was already running since May.

The social platform stated that the policy of removing the little hearts has a trial period, but they do not specify the duration.

Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide and is a platform on which images and videos are hung that other users can comment on or rate with a “like”.

However, in the countries where this test is carried out, the likes will not be visible in some profiles. However, in order for them to see how many likes they have generated, these users will have to go to another page.