Instagram test web version of direct messages 

Very soon you will be able to exchange memes and emojis from the computer, as Instagram is internally testing a web version of Instagram Direct that allows people to chat without the mobile.

Users will probably use a desktop or laptop computer or MAC, a device that is not Android or iPhone or access to Instagram and through a mobile web browser can send private messages to other Instagrammers.

A web version could make Instagram Direct a more complete SMS alternative rather than a simple function to discuss the content of the application of photos and videos.

Since the Facebook chat function started on the web before moving on to mobile telephony and getting its own Messenger app, and WHATSAPP launched a web portal in 2015, followed by desktop clients in 2016, it is sensible that Instagram Direct also covers the web.

It could also pave the way for the upcoming unification of the Facebook backend infrastructure for Messenger, WHATSAPP and Instagram Direct, which should expand encryption and allow chat between applications, as reported by Mike Isaac of the New York Times.

In the current design, direct on the Web is available from a direct arrow icon in the upper right-hand side of the screen. The feature seems to use a URL structure If the feature becomes popular, maybe Facebook will do it with its own direct-target web site similar to, which was launched in 2015.

Instagram started testing a separate direct application last year, but it hasn’t been implemented yet. Officially launched and does not seem very popular. The experience on the web of Instagram has been left behind with respect to its native applications.

You still can’t post stories from the desktop as you can with Facebook stories. Just added notifications on the Web at 2016 and Explore, in addition to some other features, at 2017.