Instagram used to sell stolen accounts from Fortnite and botnets

ESET warns that some cybercriminals actors use the social network platform to offer access to botnets and Fortnite’s stolen accounts, among other online services.

ESET, a leader in proactive threat detection, warns that in social networks like Instagram there are users who sell stolen accounts of Spotify and Fortnite, as well as access to botnets designed to perform denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

As mentioned in the Motherboard in an article, some users in Instagram are promoting botnets that claim to be associated with botnet Mirai, which is composed of a network of infected IoT Devices. This network can be used to perform DDoS attacks, as seen in recent months, where large volumes of traffic are sent to Web sites and servers in order to saturate them and make them collapse. It also provides access to botnets based on other malicious codes, extending the features offered.

“what happens in Instagram reveals the difficulty that companies have behind these platforms when monitoring the content that is published, because according to the terms and conditions in instagram, users cannot do any illegal action, Fraudulent or for an unauthorized Purpose. “, said Camilo Gutierrez, Head of the Research Laboratory of ESET Latin AMERICA. “You would believe that only in places like the Deep Web you can get malicious tools or buy stolen access. But reality shows that it is becoming more and more common to find such offers. ”

An Instagram post includes an image of a screenshot in which it appears to be offering access to a botnet associated with Mirai. also, Another of the publications offered access to other botnets through subscription plans ranging from $5 to $80 dollars although the impact power that the botnet in particular could have been unknown.

A user assured that access to stolen accounts arouses much interest, especially those of Fortnite. The account thefts for this popular Epic games game are reported since the beginning of this year. To try to avoid security problems, the developer of the game promotes a campaign for users to activate the double authentication factor in Fortnite for greater security, and in return can activate the dance “Boogie dance” for the Game.