Instagram will eliminate the fake ‘ likes’ 

The social network reported that it will begin to eliminate any non-real activity, ie the fake ‘ I like ‘ and when the followers counter is inflated by fake accounts.

Instagram ensures that this will combat the use of third-party applications to increase the popularity of accounts.

“We have created learning tools to identify the accounts that use these services and eliminate the false activity,” the company said.

In this sense, the accounts that use this kind of services to increase their numbers of followers will receive a notification within the app to notify you about the deletion that would affect your accountant.

Later, Instagram will ask to restore the password, since many of those applications request the user name and password to work.

This new option would be positive for the social network, but especially for the advertising business of Instagram. Avoid artificially inflated figures lets you know real follower’s tales have.

Twitter has also been fighting for years to eliminate the bots they use to increase the number of followers. Advertising campaigns on social networks are mainly from accounts with millions of followers, but many times that counter is inflated by third-party services.