Intcomexpo 2014…live for this annual Expo

For the fourteenth consecutive year, the Intcomexpo 2014 is here and GlobalMedia is at El Salvador to offer the most comprehensive coverage. The main purpose of this event is to introduce a showroom for Intcomex dealers with brands and the latest in products for today’s market. The Expo features brands like APC, VIEWSONIC, EPSON, INTEL, NUQLEO, VERYKOOL, TOSHIBA. MICROSOFT, AOC, CANON, DELL, LOGITECH, HP, XTECH, ASUS, ESET, KINGSTON, SAMSUNG, BREAKOUT, HUAWEI, ACCVENT BRANDS, LENOVO.

The guests chosen for this event are channel distributors, retail and Enterprise, contacts with sales teams. The Crowne Plaza Hotel in El Salvador has been the venue for five continuous conferences and business meetings for each brand to gather with different customers. During the evening, guests will enjoy a variety of entertainment and share business proposals and offers.