Intel announced new generation of Xeon Cascade processors

Intel has announced its new generation of Xeon Cascade processors, a new family of scalable professional processors that reach 48 cores per module, i.e. we could Have 96 cores in a dual-socket configuration.

Cascada lago introducir mejoras de rendimiento considerables respecto de la pasada generación de procesadores Xeon escalable, por ejemplo, la propia Intel los compara con los Xeon 8180 donde los Cascade Lake consiguen 1, 21x más de rendimiento en Linpack, 1, 83x en Stream Triad y hasta 17 veces más imágenes por segundo en Deep Learning comparado con los Xeon Platinum anteriores durante su lanzamiento.

Intel also promises a performance of 1, 3x in the Triad Stream if compared with an AMD 7601 EPYC (we haven’t seen Intel compared to its main challenger in a launch for a while), and 3.4 times more performance than the EPYC 7601 in Linpack , all according to the data provided by the company itself.

Each of these chips is capable of managing 12 channels of DDR4 memory, that is to say, 24 channels in a machine with double socket. Of course their applications are far from what a conventional PC can offer and are oriented to large data centers, calculation and supercomputing systems and artificial intelligence systems or the aforementioned Machine Learning.

They also support DC Optane memory, both in its SSD variant and in its persistent memory variant that tries to combine high speeds close to DRAM memory with the persistence of conventional solid state memory data, meaning That turning on a system of these characteristics happens to take minutes to take seconds.