CES 2019: Kingston will make demo of new SSD as well as integrated solutions for everyday life

Kingston, the world’s leading independent memory product manufacturer, will once again unveil its new business and consumer products within the framework of CES ® 2019.

For more than three decades, Kingston’s industry-leading products and technology solutions have provided great performance, reliability, and consistency, and this year will be no exception.

Kingston will demonstrate:

  • Next-generation SSD NVMe M.2 quad channel units that provide consumers of all levels with impressive speeds and high performance.
  • A part of the company that is little known: that of products with integrated solutions that are in their daily life.
  • High-resistance MicroSD cards for devices such as onboard cameras and security.
  • 8k video editing station activated by a new SSD U. 2 NVMe and SATA SSD for data center in RAID 0. In recent years, Kingston has worked with the film industry in Hollywood for capturing content and post-production services. The demo will include some of the tools used by the studios:
  • The NVMe SSD U. 2 DC1000M will be the first Kingston U. 2 form factor SSD to offer more than 5 times the performance of SATA SSD. It is perfect for system integrators that design high-performance, next-generation NVMe servers and storage sets for Tier 2 cloud vendors and hosting companies that use white-box server or manufacturer of Original equipment.
  • The SATA data center 500R (DC500R) and data Center 500m (DC500M) SSD drives. DC500R is optimized for read-centered workloads and DC500M is ideal for workloads that feature a read/write mix. Both units offer resistance ranges that meet 80 percent of the world’s workload requirements and are designed with quality of service (QoS) as the primary criterion for ensuring predictability and consistency in latency and I/O delivery.

Craig Tilmont, Director of Marketing at Kingston, stated that “We are proud to participate again at CES to make our upcoming products known. Regardless of whether they are SSD, USB encrypted, or other Flash or integrated solutions, we hope that visitors to the Kingston stand will fully recognize our continued dedication to delivering consistent, high-performance solutions.  As needs change, we are pleased to support all our customers, both consumer and business, with products that meet their needs. “