Intel Core I9-9900K appeared on Amazon for 582 dollars and with exclusive packaging

With a flashy packaging appeared on Amazon the new Intel Core I9-9900K, a new and advanced Topa processor from the range for desktop.

As the day of the launch is approaching, are getting to know little by little more details about the new processors that Intel plans to launch during this month, and this time we find an announcement on Amazon where we can get an idea of the price that could be V Ender the Intel Core I9-9900K.

582.50 dollars, about 503 euros, is the price that Amazon puts to the new Intel Desktop range top processor, an 8-core and 16-wire processor that promises to oust the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X in both monofilament and multithreaded workloads , though at a rather higher price.

The ad also shows how the box of this processor is different from what was in the other processors of the company, this time being a translucent hard plastic packaging reminiscent of the packaging that has used AMD in its Threadripper, and let us glimpse what is inside.