Intel has a new 8-core and 16-wire processor

An engineering sample of an eight-core, sixteen-wire processor, manufactured by Intel, was recently sneaked into the Internet; This means that the new Intel Core i7-8900K processor that is being tested will soon be known before it is put on the market.

Since the first rumors about the possibility of the existence of the development of a possible Intel Core i7-8900K, more powerful than its current brothers of Core coffee Lake, the networks are quite interested in this new model of Processor. It is not for less, since it would mount inside nothing more and nothing less than eight physical nuclei with Hyper threading activated. In fact, in this way, Intel would have passed in a single generation, of having as top of range a processor of four cores and eight threads, to have a processor with eight cores and sixteen threads. And, theoretically, all with the same thermal envelope of 95 W of TDP.

However, this is just another sample of the core warfare that Intel and AMD are developing right now, and that has been underway since AMD launched its successful processors of the Zen range, whether they were the AMD Ryzen for desktop, as the Threadripper for the range I DT, like the EPYC for servers.

Intel would launch its 8-Core i7 in the fall, and the core I9 will reach the 22 cores. In any case, it seems that the development of the new Core i7-8900K continues with good progress and on the right track. This processor would be destined to compete in the market with the AMD Ryzen 7 processors of the 2000 series, especially with the Ryzen 7 2700X. As long as, AMD does not pull an ace out of the sleeve, and does not end up presenting a supposed AMD Ryzen 7 2800X, to make the competition to this new model of Intel processor.