Intel showed the M.2 format of its Optane 905P

Intel has officially shown a new M. 2 variant of its Intel Optane 905P, allowing the company to offer its Optane-based storage solution in a smaller form factor than ever before.

So far, Intel’s Optane storage in M. 2 format has been limited to the acceleration drives Cache and SSD with a maximum capacity of 118 GB, all limited to a PCIE 3.0 x 2 interface that does not allow to take full speed that can offer the Memor The 3d Xpoint. The new Intel Optane 905P M. 2 comes with a PCIE 3.0 4x interface and an estimated capacity of 380 GB per unit. These two features make us face the most advanced and interesting Optane M. 2 Unit to date.

This 380GB estimate in its capacity comes from an Intel demonstration in which it used a RAID configuration of four of these drives to deliver 1.5 TB of storage. The form factor M. 2 will allow these Optane units to be used on laptops, a breakthrough compared to previous versions in PCIe formats and a 2.5-inch U. 2 storage unit. For now, no figures have been given on their performance.

Intel Optane is based on XPoint 3d memory technology, a storage medium that excels in offering lower latency than conventional NAND, and faster file transfer speed, especially when moving smaller data blocks.