Intelligent lighting for shops and industries

Sylsmart is an intelligent LED lighting system that detects natural light and movement.

Feilo Sylvania developed the intelligent lighting system Sylsmart, available in several models of LED luminaires for the commercial and industrial sectors, which allows to generate a electricity saving of 78% or more, depending on the technology used by the Company that decides to make the switch to intelligent LED technology.

“This technology represents an opportunity for companies and industries to generate significant savings in their electrical bill, contribute to energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, while ensuring adequate lighting People who work or inhabit the site, “said Jorge Madriz, research and development leader at Feilo Sylvania.

Among the benefits offered by the system is the ability to detect the natural light of the spaces, to emit only the necessary amount of artificial light and ensure good lighting. This in turn, contributes to extend the useful life of the luminaire because by not working at 100%, it increases its duration.

Sylsmart also integrates an infrared sensor that detects a combination of movement and temperature change, to ignite when you perceive the presence of a person in the place. When the person leaves the space in question, the system waits for a while (pre-programmed), attenuates the light for a few minutes to finally turn it off. All these times are programmed according to the specific needs of the space to be illuminated.

“Our intelligent device seeks to emit the necessary light at the necessary moment. The system is focused on the commercial and industrial niche; However, we have residential luminaires that allow to bring these savings and contribution benefits with the environment to households, “said Pereira de Queiroz.