International Day of Light: the importance of enlightenment in our lives 

Lighting plays a very important role in our perception of the environment and how we relate to it. For this reason, since the year 2017, UNESCO defined the 16th of May as the International Day of light, with the purpose of creating an annual date in which it is possible to highlight the role that lighting plays in people, in the different areas of daily life.

The incandescent light bulb allowed to use electricity to generate light for the first time, then the fluorescent lighting came into the scene, that although it was an important technological breakthrough compared to the conventional bulb, it has a problem Intrinsic: Requires mercury for operation.

Mercury is a chemical element, whose exposure or consumption can cause health damage. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this element is classified within the group of 10 chemical products that pose public health problems. Faced with this challenge of fluorescents, there is another innovation that provides greater safety for health, since it does not use heavy metals and offers significant savings in electricity consumption and a wider lifespan: LED technology.

LED technology is the answer to more specialized, environmentally friendly lighting, and hardly produces a little heat emission. In addition, it has a useful life that is between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, it provides clear and bright light production and represents an important saving for the economy of households, companies and the different types of industries.

This technology is practically hogging everything we use every day and it happens for a simple reason: it is much more efficient than all the lighting systems we had before and it brings benefits to health.

An inadequate lighting can be detrimental to people, having many consequences such as fatigue, eye disorders, and headaches, among others. These are situations that affect health, mood and productivity; So the most relevant function of lighting in spaces is to support the tasks of those who inhabit them.

LED Lighting: Efficiency and saving

It is important to know some details about this type of technology such as color temperature, which describes that light can be yellow, neutral or white. When it is yellow (2700 K) it brings warmth and comfort, that is to say that it helps us to feel relaxed and comfortable. The neutral temperature (4000 K) maintains an intermediate mood between attentive and calm and the white temperature (6000 K) is not recommended for the home because it generates a state of maximum attention, is the most used in clean rooms as laboratories.

Making correct lighting guarantees, for example, good sleep. If the bedroom is badly lit the person is difficult to reconcile the sleep, which affects their quality of life. The same with the study spaces, if by mistake the light is warm, it is possible that your son or daughter is more difficult to concentrate and stay attentive. Therefore, it is important that you acquire the luminaire with the correct color temperature, according to the use that will give you space

So, as the urbanization and modernization of the planet progresses, we are forced to spend up to 80% of the time in closed environments, completely away from the natural, for that reason, the selection of artificial light should be the least offensive, looking Comfort and quality of life for users.