InterSystems launches the IRIS Data Platform Connector for Microsoft Power BI 

InterSystems, the world leader in information technology platforms for health, business and government applications, today announced the availability of The IRIS InterSystems Data Platform Connector for Microsoft Power BI users.

The IRIS Data Platform intersystem Connector provides Power BI users with expedited, high-performance access to the IRIS Intersystem data platform, enabling them to improve development and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

IRIS InterSystems is the company’s flagship product for rapidly developing data-based applications, with powerful integration, multi-model and multi-workload database management, and integrated analysis capabilities to accelerate and simplifying digital transformation initiatives. In addition to providing relational tables through the InterSystems ODBC driver, Power BI users will now also be able to access the IRIS intersystem Business Intelligence (BI) cubes, taking advantage of the measurements and dimensions defined in the Data platform. This allows users to combine the best Power BI data visualization capabilities with the high performance of multidimensional online analytics (OLAP) capabilities of InterSystems.

“In today’s competitive environment, it is more important than ever for organizations to be agile and flexible in deploying applications that help them keep pace with changing market demands,” said Jeff Fried, director of product management For the IRIS Data Platform InterSystems. “I am delighted that we can expand our integration with Microsoft by combining Power BI’s data visualization capabilities with our native cloud platform, enabling our partners and customers to quickly develop applications Based on data that report innovative business decisions. ”

Power BI Desktop, which now includes the IRIS Data Platform intersystem connector, you can download here. IRIS InterSystems is also available in Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Docker.