iOS 12.1 presents security flaw that allows you to monitor contact list

Apple announced its operating system iOS 12.1, the first major update of its operating system for the IPhone and IPad. Just a couple of hours after the presentation was detected a security fault that allows a user with access to the terminal to enter the list of contacts through the function of group FaceTime.

IOS 12.1 arrives loaded with novelties and new features, such as performance enhancements, new 70 emojis, IPhone charging bug correction or the new feature to perform a FaceTime with up to 32 people at a time.

It is precisely this last feature that presents a vulnerability that allows a stranger to access the phonebook of contacts stored in the mobile phone. This was discovered by the security investigator José Rodríguez, who already identified two IOS 12 bugs before.

According to the investigator, the new security flaw of IOS 12.1 can be exploited on all iphones with support for the group FaceTime function.