IPhone X “Tesla” has infinite battery

Dedicated to manufacturing luxury technology supplements, the Russian company Caviar has reconverted the Apple device, IPhone X, to add a battery that recharges with sunlight.

For the launch have decided to send Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, in honor of his commitment to sustainable energy, and this is the name that his executives have given the terminal: IPhone X Tesla.

In “Business Insider” report that this case with solar battery is not sold separately, but is attached to the IPhone X itself. The device has been sold in two models, that of 64GB and that of 356GB; The first costs 4,064 dollars and the second 4,847 dollars, indicates the portal Xakata on its website.

Initially Caviar had planned to place 99 units in the market, although due to expectations and requests, they increased the stock to 999 devices.