Job match? Tinder launches LinkedIn competitor


The 2018 edition of CES brought a surprise: the announcement that the team in charge of designing Tinder wants to beat LinkedIn at its own game.Ryan Ogle, co-founder and former Technology Manager of Tinder, took advantage of the event to present Ripple (should not to be confused with the cryptocurrency) a mobile app that seeks to solve the problems that LinkedIn has in terms of usability, unwanted connection requests, spam, among others by using some of the principles that helped solidify Tinder’s popularity.

“Professional networking is bad enough now a days,” Ogle said. “That was our agreement when we began to reflect on our own experiences with the networks that exist today.Interfaces full of ads, spam from recruiters and vendors, and lack of community. It is a shame.”

Ripple takes your personal information from your social media accounts to facilitate the registration process and then asks you to select your interests.The profiles admit more data than Tinder. It includes academic background, work history, common work contacts, skills and events that user plans to attend. And yes, there is swipe.

In addition, it allows you to find potential connections near your location and has a face scan feature that makes it possible to find someone in Ripple with a photo. According to TechCrunch on the potential harassment problems that could arise from the use of this app, Ogle promised that they will work aggressively to”Eliminate people who are doing things for non-laboral reasons.”

Ripple, which was born out of an internal Tinder hackathon, was spun off as an independent company by Match Group. The owner of the dating app, which still maintains a minority stake in the firm.A version compatible with Android and iOS devices is already available in the United States.