Kaspersky Lab alerted to malware that takes control of routers worldwide

A powerful new malware has been discovered by the Kaspersky Lab security firm. The code takes full control of the MikroTik, allowing you to perform all kinds of unwanted activities with the connected devices.

It was nicknamed as Slingshot, and has a mechanism of action attacking in multiple layers. According to the report of Kaspersky collected by Engadget, the malware replaces a file of the library with a malicious version that unloads other components. With this base, it launches a sophisticated attack that gets full control of the device.

There are two main guidelines: CANHADR, which executes a low-level code in the kernel, giving control to the intruder; And GOLLUMAPP, which focuses on the user itself and on keeping the malware active. Although Kaspersky has not given more details of the input vulnerabilities that obfuscate the management software, it has referred to the code as “a masterpiece”.

Attackers can steal what they want — from network traffic and passwords, to keystrokes or a computer screen. The destructiveness of the attack has led to the thought of the security firm that it could be an own creation of an intelligence and espionage agency.