Kingston and a breakthrough in labor parity: employs more than twice as many women in the United States compared to companies in the  Sector 

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the world’s leading independent memory product manufacturer, has its office Central California with a total of 295 women, representing 41 percent of female quota with job development in different areas.

According to the American company Evia, women occupy less than 20 percent of jobs in the US technology sector, even though they account for more than half of the American workforce. For Kingston Technology Company, the inclusion of more women in the sector is a priority and this is how the company has been able to duplicate the average number of women working in its headquarters, thanks to a corporate strategy that was launched six years ago.

This rate is on the rise since 2013, when hiring and promotions of women began to grow in a considerate way, and is sustained in time. It is also important to detail that in the different places where Kingston is located the number of women is on the rise. Women tend to stay in the company for an average of more than 14 years according to statistics made in the United States.

On the other hand, the rate of promotion of women in high management positions exceeded those of men in the last five years.

Carolina Maldonado, is a faithful example of the importance of the incorporation of women. She has been developing in the company since 1995 and was promoted in 2010 to vice president of Sales and marketing for Latin America, As she currently occupies, she was the first woman to occupy this type of office, so she believes it is of great responsibility, while she knows that she opened the door for other women to have possibilities within the company.

Maldonado explained that “the executives of Kingston Technology clearly understand that the female contribution in the industry is fundamental to the future of the sector, women have their strengths as an organization, multitask and emotional intelligence that are very Important for business management – he said.  In technology in general women are gaining our space and evolution includes not only in the area of marketing or communication, but also in sales, engineering, programming and executive positions. ”

The executive celebrates that every day more women are occupying key positions in the technology sector. “This generates progress for their companies, and shows that equality in technology companies is growing.” From the place she looks, she gives women a chance. “I have the ability to choose qualified female professionals, give them the opportunity to grow inside the company, ensure that they are treated equally (including equal pay) and every day make an attempt to change the mindset of many Proving that if you can. I think it is very important for women to support each other, he summed up.