Know some interesting facts about HTC

3d illustration of a silver and green HTC logo sitting in a puddle of silver liquid on a gray reflective surface

HTC, in addition to being recognized as a global innovator in smart mobile devices and technology, since 1997, has also managed to position itself as a brand that is constantly implementing cutting edge technology. Next, we share some curiosities about the HTC brand that you may not have known in detail.

Did you know that HTC is a company that makes Eco-Friendly products?

The production of their designs is not limited to the creation of hardware, HTC handles standards that also extend to their manufacturing processes, that are among the most responsible with the environment in the world. And its offices have gained worldwide recognition, by setting the gold standard in energy efficiency. They have expanded their environmental initiatives to shape the entire customer experience. The packaging of their products are 100% biodegradable and the HTC One (M7) was the first smartphone in the world created according to the international specifications of the complete carbon footprint and life cycle assessments.

Did you know that the first touchscreen and wireless mobile devices in history were created by HTC?

HTC is proud to be the pioneer in designing some of the world’s first touch and wireless mobile devices in 1998. They create high quality products and develop great experiences for their customers around the world presenting innovations in the most popular touchscreen and wireless devices of the time. They developed smartphones before there were others in the market. It was among the first companies to present a versatile and smart phone, with touch screen and a Qwerty keyboard that was stored inside the same phone.

HTC was the first company to use the Android OS!

It was in 2008 when HTC introduced the first phone in history with Android technology for Smartphones. They are the first to present Google Android technology for smartphones to introduce the Internet experience on your mobile device.

Did you know that the first company to have GPS integrated into smartphone was HTC?

HTC started with the vision of placing a personal computer in the palm of their customers and they have led the way of the evolution from the palm PC to the smartphone, even including GPS technology into a smartphone in 2006.

The first smartphone with 4G Android technology

Once again they shake up the industry by presenting the first smartphone with 4G Android technology in the world. Today HTC offers its own products under the HTC brand, in addition to developing technologies and manufacturing them for original equipment manufacturers.