Know what will bring the new Iphone

The new Iphone will arrive on September 12th, and the Apple catalogue is expected to renew with three new terminals. However, the revolution that prepares Tim Cook for the company’s product portfolio can be much greater and touch almost all categories.

After the arrival of Iphone X, Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus last year, Apple will renew its phone catalog with three terminals, which bet on a full screen front and notch, banishing the frames and betting on FaceID as a biometric security system.

The catalog will be articulated around the successor of the Iphone X, which will be the model named as Iphone XS. This will maintain the design and size of your current flagship, betting on a 5.8-inch high-resolution OLED screen and its strengths are centered on a better processor (the A12), more battery and better cameras.