Learn! Google will dictate 8 new free courses and Certificates

This week, Google made available to its users eight free courses in line with the aim of helping them to form in digital competitions and open possibilities of employment or entrepreneurship.

These courses can be taken from anywhere in the world, under each Person’s time and include certificate, an advantage that does not have many platforms where you have to pay extra money to get the Diploma. Here are some of the available:

  1. Digital Garage

This is an online platform created by Google with the aim of helping to exploit the digital potential of BUSINESS. It has 26 themes divided into different lessons, each accompanied by explanatory and entertaining videos to facilitate the online learning Process. Some of them are: online world opportunities, How to take advantage of search engines, display advertising, online shop, selling over the internet, content marketing and more. The course, if run, can be completed in just eight hours.

  1. Google First

This mobile app offers brief and practical lessons about the world of marketing and BUSINESS. It was designed specifically for small students or entrepreneurs who want to get new skills in the digital world; For example, tools to build a business plan, tips to create a website, email marketing, content marketing, storytelling, initiatives to improve the user experience on the web, among Others. Available for IOS and ANDROID.

  1. YouTube Creators

The YouTube Creators Academy has an extensive catalog of training programs designed for those who are starting to build their content channel or for those who want to take it to another level. The courses cover information on how to make money with youtube, preproduction audiovisual, video game channels, music channels, YouTube analytics, copyrights, live broadcasts, among other Topics.

  1. Automatic Learning

This intensive course in Machine learning is one of the most specialized, so we recommend previous knowledge for your study; for example, basic algebra domain, Programming concepts and experience in managing Code in Python. It offers 25 lessons, more than 40 exercises, real success stories and interactive visualizations of algorithms in Action. It can be done in 15 hours of running.

  1. Google my business

Through this tool, Google helps online and physical businesses to stay present in the search engine and constantly update your information with news, photos, promotions, location, etc. While it is not a course in itself, Google my business teaches entrepreneurs to position themselves correctly online and interact properly with their customers or potential buyers.

“This platform educates users in the operation of Google’s measurement tools.”

  1. Google Ads Best Practices

More than just courses, Google Ads ‘ supports are a series of tips or recommendations for users to learn to maximize the benefits of ADWORDS. Guides on how to generate In-person traffic in stores with online campaigns or on how to choose the right keywords to position the ads successfully in the search engine, are some of the ones offered by the Site.

  1. Google Analytics Academy

This platform educates users on the operation of Google’s measurement tools and provides them with resources so they can make intelligent use of the data they collect. It has three courses in Spanish: one for beginners, another advanced and an introduction to Google analytics 360.

  1. Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals in Spanish

Through courser, the online education platform, Google offers this intensive course on the functions of data and automatic learning of Google Cloud Platform. Although it has a cost, interested users can take it free of charge only as Assistants. To do so, you must have at least one year of experience in topics such as data modeling, Machine Learning or Python programming.