Learn how to create clothes in Roblox


You may need Robux to create clothes in Roblox at some point, so before you start we recommend you take a look at this guide that shows you different ways to get Robux free without using real money and without opting for hacks. Once seen we can begin.

The first thing you have to do to create clothes in Roblox is to go to the development menu that is above the whole, in the third option. There you have to choose to create new and in all options choose the shirt. For now, as you have imagined, the only clothes we can create in Roblox are these garments.

Use the templates 

Just to the right of the Create New button you should see another option that indicates to create a shirt, followed by a question in which we indicate if we have used a template or if we want to download it. The template is paramount if we want to create clothes in Roblox, so if you do not have download.

To create clothes in Roblox you will also need an external editing program, and we recommend you Paint for being the simplest of all and because most computers with Windows have it installed as standard. Once you have it you can proceed to create your own shirt with the design that you like the following steps.

How to create clothes inside paint

Once you have downloaded paint or another editing program, inside it, you need to open the template you downloaded earlier in the game. This is paramount to creating clothes in Roblox. Once you open from the editor that template, you will see that you can freely edit the limited space using other photographs or your own designs

It is necessary to know a bit of editing with the external program to do it fluently, but it is not complicated. Once you have it, save your clothes and go back to the game, to the clothing option. Instead of re-clicking on the template, directly load the shirt you have created within the indicated option and you will see how your character now carries the clothes you have created.