Learn! In South Korea human soldiers will be replaced by robots


The Asian country is experiencing a demographic crisis. Currently the population of the country is approximately 50 million people. According to the UN forecast, for 2050 the country will be reduced to 40 million people and 20 million for the year 2100, if the situation continues.

For this reason, the South Korean Ministry of National Defence will begin to form mixed units of people and robots in the armed forces, starting at 2024. So it was announced, according to Defense Aerospace, by the Minister of Defense, Song Young-Moo.

A reduction in the population leads to a decrease in the number of armed forces, as there is a shortage of people who are fit for military service. According to the military, the formation of mixed units of robots and people will support the fighting power.

The South Korean Ministry of National Defence conducted a study, which concluded that the use of spy robots will allow the replacement of troops from 500 to 600 people.

Field reconnaissance robots, submarines, aerial devices and some autonomous combat systems can be used effectively in all types of armed forces. At the same time, they will have to interact with people in your unit.