Learn! Iphone will not have USB access to make hacking difficult

Apple revealed that in its next update of its mobile operating system, IOS, will eliminate the IPhone access support via USB, a move that would make it harder for hackers, and here is aimed especially at those who work for the police and have as mission AC Assign to blocked devices through the physical port.

The Cupertino giant confirmed that the new default settings will disable the Lightning port, used for data transmission, headphone sound and device recharge, one hour after the IPhone has been blocked.

Apple, after announcing this move, has said that it puts the customer at the center of everything it does, so it is constantly investigating to reinforce the security of its products so that they can be more resilient to hackers, identity thieves and Intrusions to access and possibly obtain personal data.

Once the iPhone has been locked, the Lightning port will allow the device to recharge, but not the data transmission until an access code is entered.