Learn! Social Network Vero is the new competition of Instagram

Vero, is the new social network found in the search to displace Instagram, in order not to use any type of advertising.

Less social networks. More social life “is the motto of the new application, which has a million users and the figure grows rapidly.
The digital platform with a different design than Instagram, is visually attractive and has a “mysterious” aesthetic, according to the media.
The great profiles of their competition (Instagram) have indicated publicly that they are testing it, and thus the growth since its existence has been a success.

The new application has the following services:

• As a subscription-based service, our users are our customers, not the product we sell to advertisers.
• As a thank you to your first millions of users, the social network waives its annual subscription fee for life.
• Vero only collects the data it considers necessary to provide users with a great experience and ensure the security of their accounts.

Vero is committed to protecting your data from unauthorized access.