Learn! Under 16 years old will not be able to use whatsApp

The General regulation of data protection is one of the most important regulatory novelties that will come into force as of 25 May. Experts considered that their arrival was going to affect (and much) to giants like Facebook, and it has been possible to confirm that it will also have consequences on the requirements to be able to use whatsApp.

At present the minimum age to be able to use whatsApp (established in the conditions of use of the application) is 13 years, but with the entry into force of the General regulation of data protection this will increase to 16, so that all those minor that They were using the well-known messaging application they will not (in theory) use it.

However, there is no age verification process to verify that the user of WhatsApp is more than 13 years old, a situation that will not change when the age requirement is increased to 16 years. This means, in short, that children will be able to lie about their age when accepting the conditions of use.

It has not been realized when the change in the age requirement will come into effect in WhatsApp, but with the scandal for the case Cambridge Analytica so cool it is likely that Facebook does not want to rush and announce it officially over the next few weeks.