Lenovo presents VIBE Xtension selfie Flash at CES 2015


The “selfies” is a phenomenon that recently arrived, but the truth is, they have taken over the world. Using our cell phone cameras in general has been a trend in recent years has developed rather quickly; so it not a surprise that manufacturers, of both mobile phones and accessories, have endeavored to present the public with products that increasingly make the end user experience amazing.

This is why Lenovo has introduced its VIBE Xtension selfie Flash at CES 2015, a flash out of the typical that will allow you to take dashing selfies. The small device plugs into the headphone jack of your phone and is compatible with any device running the compatible software. This device has eight LED bulbs that have the ability to create a flash from a meter away and has duration of 100 flashes on a single charge.

The VIBE Xtension selfie Flash will be available from April 2015 in specific countries. For now, it will not be for sale in the United States.