Lexmark Testting Assistant won the award Buyers Lab Pick, as an exceptional educational solution

Lemark, world leader in imagens solutions, announced that its solution Testing Assistant has been recognized by the analysts of the Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab with the award Pick 2018 as the Best Educational Solution.

The solution Lexmark Testing Assistant, wich was launched in april 2017, is a cloud-based application that allows teachers to import class list, create answer sheets of test, scan and qualify complete tests and export results of students to virtually any learning management system. Can be accessed from all popular web browsers in PC, Mac and tablets, and allows teachers to easily scan the application using an icon of “rating” in a multifunction printer by Lexmark.

“Lexmark Testing Assistant presents some features that we haven’t seen in other solutions from creation and qualification tests. For example, the solution supports math answers and it cans automation complex qualification schemes. And for a solution of evaluation and creation of evidence so rich in functions, Lexmark Testing Assistant is still very easy to use,” said Jamie Bsales, director of analysis of solutions in Keypoint Intelligence.

Keypoint Intelligent appointed to the solution of Lexmark as winner of the 2018 election based on these strengths and key benefits: Cost-effective alternative to the expensive test creation “bubble sheet” and rating systems; allows teachers to devote less time to the creation of exams, and focus more on the instruction of the students; identifies trends for individual students or for the entire class and thus offers the opportunity to improve curricula and lessons; allows teachers to set goals for questions and individual and group sections, as well as also allows teachers to set up multiple choice answers and define its values.