LG confirms three new colors for the LG G6 and two for the LG Q6


LG has already said that they will launch the G7 when the time is right, and there are indications that its CEO ordered to refocus the project. So we will not see it at the Barcelona event.

What we could see is a new color palette for two models of the firm. After the launch of the LG V30 in pink, the company has confirmed the arrival of new colors for the LG G6 and the mid-range LG Q6. The G6 would have three new tones while the Q6 would have two.

The launch of new colors in smartphones is a fairly common practice, although it is not so common that it is done in devices that are about to have a year in the market such as the LG G6.

The one that is still one of the flagship models of the company, excuse us LG V30, arrived at the market in black, white and a metallic tone that has a slight blue shade which LG calls it Ice Platinum. Now there are three new options: Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet and Raspberry Rose; or which is the same as dark blue, violet and pink.

The mid range LG Q6 came in black and Ice Platinum, in some markets there are more shades such as Terra Gold or Marine Blue. And now will also have the Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet tones, the pink is reserved for the high range devices.

The new colors of the LG G6 and LG Q6 will go on sale in Korea later this month, but LG says there will be a launch in more key markets soon.