LG Electronics launches ThinQ for its AI initiatives


LG Electronics announced the creation of the ThinQ brand to identify all its 2018 appliances, electronics and services that use artificial intelligence. LG ThinQ products and services will have the ability to use deep learning and communicate with each other, using a variety of artificial intelligence technologies from LG’s partners. As well as LG’s AI technology, DeepThinQ.

LG laid the ground for its IA efforts at CES 2017 when they announced DeepThinQ, followed by the initiative to include Wi-Fi in all its premium devices that were launched this year. In June, LG opened the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Seoul under the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the company to unite all of the LG’s diverse artificial intelligence research into technologies that recognize, reason and learn from voice, video and sensors.

The IA Lab of LG has contributed to the development of the first air conditioning with Artificial Intelligence in the world. As well as intelligent refrigerators, washing machines and robotic vacuum cleaners.

“The goal of the ThinQ brand is to highlight that LG’s smart products are always thinking about the user and how to improve their lives.” said Han Chang-hee, director of LG’s Global Marketing Center. “Artificial Intelligence is the next step in technology and as a leader in household appliances and electronics, we have the responsibility to make the AI more accessible and less intimidating.”

The ThinQ Zone on the LG’s stand at CES from January 9th until January 12th will show the wide range of LG IA products for 2018.