LG opens the way to the future with the world’s first OLED TV 

LG Electronics has defined the next generation of TVs at CES 2019 by introducing the world’s first roll-up OLED television and ready to be marketed.
The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) redesigns the definition of TV with a variable form factor that is only possible thanks to the LG OLED technology.

More than a demonstration of engineering prowess, LG’s impressive product delivers unsurpassed image quality and sound, all in a form factor that gives consumers infinite possibilities to design a perfect viewing space.

Since the beginning of the modern era, the sizes of television screens have steadily increased in size as the resolution improved and consumers demanded a more immersive viewing experience.

The compensation came in the form of a large black rectangle that dominated the room when the TV was not in use. Even the most advanced projection televisions have never been able to offer the contrast or the deep blacks demanded by consumers. In an effort to make large TVs less conspicuous, manufacturers have been competing to create even thinner screens, focusing on the most discreet designs possible.

With the presentation of LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W of the last year, LG eliminated the traditional concept of the TV, focusing on the simplicity of the screen. Known as the wallpaper TV, LG showed that a TV can offer performance, subtlety and beauty at the same time.

Smart Kettlebells presented at CES 2019 to get you in shape

Kettlebell Connect by JaxJox is a device associated with an app that counts repetitions, has removable weights so you can customize your workout.

Of course, KettlebellConnect was released to the market at CES 2019, and has shown how smart it is. The $349 weight system comes with a base where you can load weights and a small digital display.

The best part is the adjustable weight. You can press the more or less buttons to change the weight in 6 pound increments from 12 to 42 pounds. Weight increases are also adjusted on the screen.

The associated application helps you track your reps and can even help you customize your workout.

During the CES many have had the opportunity to test it and see how incredibly easy to adjust. Just press the button and wait a few seconds for the weights in the cylinder to add or release the weight.

However, this is not the only smart fitness technology that has been shown at the fair.