Malware “StoneDrill” destroys all files on your computer


Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have detected a new, highly sophisticated and dangerous malware called StoneDrill. It is a wiper threat; a type of virus that destroys all the files it finds on the infected computer.

According to Kaspersky researchers, the new virus has been developed with a style very similar to that of Shamoon 2.0 but much more sophisticated.

At the moment, experts still don’t know how StoneDrill spreads, but it could be through junk e-mail or downloading software from unreliable sources, among other possibilities.

When a computer is attacked, the malicious code is injected into the memory of the user’s preferred browser by following a procedure that avoids the control of the antivirus programs. Once this is done, the malware starts to destroy all the files on the victim’s hard drive, eliminating everything in its path.