McAfee: Cybercrime as a service led to credit card breach….

The latest report from McAfee notes that the rush of point-of-sale credit card breaches that hit consumers in Q4 of last year — most notably at Target but other retailers as well — came from such sources, with the malware used likely purchased off the shelf from the Cybercrime-as-a-Service community.  McAfee also provided an update on the state of mobile malware — which it refers to as a “malware zoo”. It is showing little sign of abating, up 197% over the same quarter a year ago.

Working with different agencies, McAfee says that it was able to identify the coding used both to extract different data (domain names, user accounts, etc.) as well as the code that fed that data back to the hackers.  Other notable points found in the McAfee report were that malicious signed binaries are on the rise, mobile malware continues to climb, with 2.47 million new samples collected in 2014, and 744,000 in Q4 alone, rising 197% compared to a year ago.