Meet the Bell Helicopter: the air taxi


The helicopter company Bell Helicopter revealed during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) a prototype of its four person air taxi that it expects to put into operation in partnership with Uber in the middle of 2020.Unlike Intel, which showed how its ‘Volocóptero’ taking off in one of the scenarios of the technology event, Bell only exhibited a virtual reality simulator prototype.

The company explained that the aircraft, which would take off and land vertically, will be able to transport people between two points on fixed routes. The company also affirmed that their ‘drone for passengers’ will have a set of connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence and wireless charging so the passenger can, for examplemake video calls, connect to the internet inside the vehicle and at the end of the route see the time they saved if they had taken another transport method.

It is important to say that Bell is designing a “multiple failures”system, so that if one of the aircrafts fails, others can be activated. In additionthe company also works to make the aircraft as silent as possible.