Meet the most shocking gamers products showed in Las Vegas


The largest technologicalevent in the world started on Tuesday, and ends on Friday and in addition to the news on televisions, telephones, digital assistants, autonomous cars and robots also had endless announcement for the gamer market.New ways to control video games, solutions to end with cables, high resolution monitors of large size as well as new virtual reality headsets, among other things.Some of these announcements are:

3D Rudder

One of the funniest products that was tested at the event was undoubtedly the 3D Rudder.To use it with HTC Vive or virtual reality headsets, it adds the ability to command aircrafts, characters, boards or cars with your feet.With the shape of a circle that swings over its center, both feet are supported inside and when weight is exerted on one of the sides or when leaning forward or backward, the game’s commands react with precise and totally controllable movements. It can be already ordered in the USA.


The Japanese brand Xenoma presented new way to control thevideo games characters.In this case, it is with a t-shirt full of sensors that communicates via Bluetooth with the game and sends the signal of the movements that the users makes with the torso and arms.While it does not have the precision of a joystick and a keyboard, its innovation can open the door to new ideas and change video games forever.

Razer Mamba + Firefly Hyperflux

There are many wireless mouses in the market, but the MambaHyperflux takes a leap in innovation.This super lightweight gamer accessory does not have a battery, and uses the energy emitted by its own mousepad so you do not have to recharge it.In addition, it has an RGB lights system that can be linked with the PC, laptop and other accessories.

Project Linda

Another surprising announcement from Razer was an accessory, for the already presented cellular gamerRazerPhone, named Project Linda.In this case it is a laptop that takes its power from the phone, integrating it into its housing to use it as a trackpad.This makes the laptop use the operating system and the power of the phone (it does not have its own processor, it is a keyboard and a screen nothing more)and adding the advantage of having two screens (the main 13 inches screen and one from the smartphone) and an extra battery to extend playing hours.